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Steps To Church Fundraising Event Management

You must have attended several church fundraising events before, but have you ever been in the organizing team of the event? A church fundraiser is a big event and requires a lot of planning to make it a success both in terms of the funds raised and attendance.

Managing every aspect of a fundraiser event manually is not at all possible. That’s why most of the churches on Long Island these days choose for an event management software solution that is specially meant for such events.

By following the below-given steps you can plan your back-end tasks of church fundraising event management in an efficient manner:

Church Fundraising Event

Step one: Make an online event registration form

Make a custom-made registration form with the help of pre-built templates of the church fundraising event registration software. Now upload it to the internet. Once the page is live, anyone can track it online and sign up for it suitably.

Step two: Collect payments through online gateways

You must provide multiple online gateways for payment options to your applicants so that they can initiate the payment procedures concurrently as they fill up the form. This allows anybody worldwide who may not be able to attend the event physically to donate towards the fundraiser.

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Step three: Send invite through emails

Use automated email messaging tool to send out bulk invites, notifications and confirmations to all your members. Make sure that all your online publications and mailers are linked to your online event registration pages to get good results.

Step four: Promote

Let everyone know about the upcoming fundraising event of your church via your online marketing campaigns. Hire a professional who can take care of your church’s social media campaign. This will attract more and more supporters and donors to your event.

Following these steps, you can manage your church fundraiser event effectively. To gather more information in this regard, you may take help from the internet.