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Natural Pain Relief For Horses

When owners and riders think about the horses back, the sacroiliac region is an area that is often overlooked or not considered significant. However, injury in this area can cause the horse to be in a lot of pain or discomfort and can cause problems without there being any visible abnormality.

A study by the University of Minnesota reported that over half of the 124 horses presented to the clinic with suspected back pain had a sacroiliac problem.

This suggests that the sacroiliac should be given some serious consideration when looking at back problems. You can get more information about natural pain relief for horses via various other online sources.

The sacroiliac junction connects the horse's spine at the sacrum and the ilium of the pelvis. The joint is capable of very little movement and contains little or no joint fluid. It is supported by the ventral sacroiliac ligaments.

Reasons for pain in the sacroiliac region consist of:

Ligament injury of a ventral sacroiliac ligament running from tubersacrale to the sacrum. The significance of this injury depends on the severity ie if the ligament is torn or just strained.

Misalignments of the tubersacrale can cause discomfort in this area as joints may not be functioning within their normal range of movement (ROM). A McTimoney practitioner will often treat this area to support optimal joint function.

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