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Making New Garden Beds Using Topsoil

One of your favorite garden tasks is creating new garden beds. There is something very hopeful about it, and somehow, thinking about all the new plants that you are going to buy makes all the hard work easier!

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It sounds obvious, but before you start, you need to plan your new beds. You might want to start with drawings, but once you've got an idea of the shape and location, there's no substitute for getting out into the garden with string and tent pegs!

Mark out the shape of the new bed on the ground, using the string and tent pins, and just look at it. If the ground is too hard for tent pins or paved, draw outlines with chalk instead.

Getting the outline in place

Most of us don't have the luxury of starting from scratch in a garden, so you're probably going to be cutting flower beds out of the lawn, or even out of a paved area. Either way, the ground is going to need some work to get it ready for planting.

If you are cutting a bed out of a grassed area, use a half-moon cutting tool to cut the shape out along the string lines. Raise the turf gently and remove it. If you want to use it elsewhere, lay it before you do anything else, as lawn doesn't like being left.