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Importance of Early Childhood Outdoor Play!

Do you know why the doctor’s advice to let your children play outdoors? This is because – exposure to sunlight can help increase vitamin D levels. Also, spending time outdoors can lower the chances of your child becoming short-sighted.

However, the benefits of physical health are often documented but, there are many benefits to their mental health as well. This is why preschool has outdoor activities in their daily schedule for children. To know more about preschools you can search for Pre-school Childcare at Astwood Smiles Nursery in Redditch.

Playing outside will give your child the opportunity to explore the surroundings and have an adventure. He could test the limits of their physical, build confidence, and express themselves while playing his favorite game.

The preschool encourage children to enjoy the freedom of jumping, running and other physical activities, which is good for health, physical development and fitness.

They simply will not allow your child to outer space; they will provide some activities to help improve the health and energy.

So, now we know the importance of outdoor play, now let’s see how to motivate children to spend more time outside. There are some important things to create an outdoor play area that kids will adore, followed by pre-k schools.

Play on:

The kids liked the room to move. Provide toys and resources that encourage a big move to keep them physically active. Although the use of equipment such as slides and swings, preschool also give them activities such as balancing, jumping, jump, bounce and catch. There is no doubt that the move is very important for physical health and the development of motor skills.

Creative play:

Creativity does not just end up with a painting or drawing. Music, development challenges, experiences, and opportunities for problem-solvingĀ are key areas of focus in preschool.

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