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How to get a Procurement Certificate?


Nowadays, procurement professionals undergo certain exams such as CSCP, CPSM, CPPetc, to get a certificate. Getting a certificate not only helps a procurement employee in getting a job but also get to learn about how the work is carried helping the employee to become more effective at the job. These are a few certificate courses that will help you to achieve more in your career.

  1. Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) –There are numerous courses related to supply chain management however, CSCP is probably the most preferred by many companies. Before you start this course, you will have to complete either a bachelor’s degree or have an experience of 3 years in a related field. The focus of this exam depends on 3 main topics which are; supply chain design, supply chain improvement and supply chain planning and execution. These 3 exams are all about how well the individual understands about the process.
  2. Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) This exam is somewhat similar to CSCP consisting of 3 main exams. However, the topics of this exam are totally different as they include basics, advanced execution and leadership instead of focusing on the supply chain management. The requirement for this exam includes 3 years of experience along with a bachelor’s degree. If the candidate does not have a degree then it requires 5 years of experience.
  3. SCPro–The SCpro exam consists of 3 levels. First level is similar to the CSPM that covers supply chain management basics. Second level focuses on strategy of the supply chain management, finance and network designing. While level 3 is aimed more the physical side consisting of live fire project along with the conclusion related to the answers.

These are the procurement certification procedure.