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Features and Services of Amazon Shipping Insurance

What is Amazon shipping insurance?

What is Amazon shipping insurance?Amazon shipping insurance is a service that provides financial compensation to the sender if a package is misplaced, stolen, or broken during shipment. Every courier company provides the basic level of insurance but if you want extra security then you need to buy insurance scheme from courier companies.

Every courier company has their own rules like what kind of product and delivery method can be insured or what kind of product and delivery method cannot be insured. For example, uninterruptible power supply (UPI) will not provide insurance policy for cash, coins or expensive stones.

Why do I need Amazon shipping Insurance?

To protect your product from unexpected damage and misplacement, you must get amazon shipping insurance.

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How does Amazon shipping insurance work?
You can buy Amazon shipping insurance to save your package and to get a refund if your package will face any damage during shipment. If you don’t receive your package on time or if your package gets damaged upon delivery, you should always take photos as proof and you should contact the shipper as soon as possible.

Every online shopping company has time frame cutoffs i.e. if you wait too long to inform the shipper about package loss or damage then the shipper may hold the right to file the claim.


There are 3 types of Amazon shipping insurance:
1. Carrier insurance: The most commonly used amazon shipping insurance is carrier insurance. Carrier insurance is offered by package carriers like FedEx and UPS. Carrier insurance is a basic type of insurance but you can also buy additional coverage for more safety.
You can easily get carrier insurance at the time of shipment but in this type of insurance, the process takes a long time to claim upon lost and damaged package.

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2. 3rd party insurance: You can get this type of insurance from any private company that is not united with any carrier. The insurer in 3rd party insurance will cover international shipment. The claim process is shorter than carrier insurance.

3. Self-Insurance: In this type of insurance, shipper is responsible for the package misplacement or damage and shipper will cover the cost of replacement.

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