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Energy Efficiency in a Mobile Home

One of the many stigmas there are with mobile homes is that they are nightmares to heat and cool. To someone who is new to the industry, this might be true. With a few tips on what to look for when purchasing your mobile home, we can make the transition better for you.

The first thing that you want to look for is the furnace. Most furnaces in a mobile home will be rated at 80% efficient. You want to look for a mobile home that has a furnace that is rated for 90% or better and that the furnace is HUD approved for a mobile home. Mobile Home Roofing Florida and Mobile Home Repair Contractor gives professional installation in a timely manner and give exceptional customer service on all our product warranties.

mobile home roofing systems

The second item is the central air unit. You want to see an air conditioner that is a split system. This unit utilizes the furnace blower to push the conditioned air. The type of A/C unit you want to stay away from is the older less efficient models known as self-contained units. These units have their own blowers and ductwork. They are noticeably larger in size compared to their counterparts.

The third area you want to pay attention to is the single largest heat loss or gain. Older mobile homes had metal roofs with very little insulation in them. Often time’s people would coat them with black coatings only to find out they turned a hot roof into an inferno in the summertime. It's no wonder their A/C never shut off in the middle of summer.

The final area that you want to pay attention to is the windows and doors. You would hope to find a mobile home that the old aluminum crank out windows would have been replaced with vinyl double pane windows.