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Changes in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Facebook implemented a series of changes to its social networking platform, causing a stir among many users and teaching new lessons to Internet marketers. In particular, News Feed, where Facebook users are allowed to see updates from people on their network, receives massive improvements, which could potentially affect your Facebook marketing strategy.

New News Feed: Facebook no longer displays all updates from people on your network. Instead, he uses an algorithm to choose which updates are included in each user's Top Stories, which is the first thing a user sees when he enters Facebook. You can navigate https://agposter.info/automatic-facebook-posts/ to find the Facebook scheduler for your campaign.

Factors such as the relationship between the user and the author, the number of comments and likes, will determine the relevance or inclusion of updates in Top Stories. The update will be qualified as one of the Top Stories when you get more likes or comments.

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Smart List: In addition, users are now given the tools to exercise greater control over what they see on their News Feed. "Smart List" allows users to list according to "Close Friends", "Contacts" and "Limited." When this list is filled in, only updates of people under "Close Friends" will appear in the user's News Feed.

Subscription options: Users can now choose to subscribe to all, most or only important updates from certain users. This will force Internet marketers to create highly relevant and useful content, and maintain minimum self-promoting activities, to get subscriptions from users.

Automatic feed removal: Pages previously enjoyed automatic publication of posts and articles that appeared on external websites and blogs. This is possible through the Notes option which synchronizes web pages and Facebook without taking any additional action on the Facebook wall.