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Breastfeeding Advice and Information for the New Mother

When you give birth to your first baby, it will be the best decision to breastfeed your little one. Being a new mom is not as easy as feeding can be difficult and painful if not done properly. Deciding whether or when to breastfeed is not easy and especially when it gets tough.

One of the biggest problems is that you can never be sure how much is sufficient for your baby. There is no such nipple that can measure the exact quantity your little one need. But with some breastfeeding advice, you can feed your baby easily and know when a baby is hungry.

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First, understand when your baby is hungry. Most babies keep on crying as if they are hungry; it is physically painful for them. Therefore, most chances are that your baby will keep crying and will not fall asleep until he/she did not have sufficient milk.

If after a meal your baby seems relaxed, communicative and playing, he probably had enough milk. The mother can start breastfeeding her newborn right after he begins the bonding process. If you have never nursed a baby earlier, here are some simple but important tips:-

Do not rely on a clock to nurse your baby. Instead, follow your instincts. You should be comfortable enough and your position should relax your arms and shoulders as well as your baby.

Hold your baby close and support their neck, shoulders and back so that he shouldn't have to make efforts to reach out to feed. The position will allow them to reach up to the breast well.