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An Overview of Bets10

Bets10 is a multi-platform gaming site run by Realm Entertainment. If you read most of the Bets10 reviews out there, they are a little out of date. In 2010 Realm Entertainment became a partner with Betsson, the Swedish gambling giant and gained access to their customer database.

Bets10 was born as a poker room, live casino, bingo, casino, and sportsbook all on the same site. This has been added to for many years and is now a comprehensive gambling center. There are all kinds of bits of information that are wrong about Bets10. They are not the sister site for Betsson they are B2B partners. The format of the site is very different. While the site is fully integrated between each gaming platform it has a unique look to it but works in the same way and makes the family feel.

Bets10 Sportsbook

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Realm Entertainment is a legitimate company and is building a good reputation. They are very concentrated in Turkey, apparently still. Their site domain is constantly changing to stay one step ahead of Turkish authorities. They only change the numbered and directed prefixes.This is a rather suspicious area. Continuing to force yourself in a country that has strict laws against your business practices is unethical.

If gambling is legal in your country of residence and a separate license is not required, then access to Bets10 will be continued immediately. This site has a very refreshing look with a green background wallpaper with sports diagrams and representations that look like football players. Site Settings is the list of standard sports on the left. Schedules, opportunities and markets in the middle. On the left are a bet slip and a small drop-down menu.

This site is very clean and minimalist and despite the fact, there are casinos and arcade games there are no banners that advertise facts which is a nice change. The banner rotates at the top of the sports-based page and there are no distractions. Registering is as easy as any site out there. What’s different is that there doesn’t seem to be a Bets10 bonus scheme. Which by itself is not a bad thing. There are no complicated terms and conditions to go through just to find you don’t get much anyway.

It seems that the route Bets10 will take is to offer the best opportunities they can to attract the attention of their customers. The fact that they are the only constant on the Turkish scene means they have a regular customer base.