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Monthly Archive: February 2019

Different Sources To Get Loans For Small Business And Start-Up Businesses

For businesses whether startup or small business it is imperative at most times to keep a stable influx of funds to keep the business going as usual. However, raising such capital isn’t the easiest thing to do, particularly when you have a lot of other things you have to to do to keep your business going. Thus, in that case, it best to look for alternative simple business funding sources.

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Below mentioned are some of the latest and alternative sources of getting a loan:

  • Business credit cards – One of the most efficient ways to procure loan is the unsecured revolving lines of credit in the form of business credit cards. These not just facilitate in keeping personal and business expenditures separate, but it can also help in building business credit file, provide access to cash and credit, and offers flexible payment options.
  • Microloans – These kind of loans are easier and faster to get than a traditional business loan from startup business funding sources. Amounts are usually under $50k and used for many purposes including the purchase of equipment, inventory, supplies, and working capital.

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  • Crowdfunding – One of the quickest ways to attract investors to a business is through crowdfunding. But it needs careful preparation and planning to run a successful campaign.
  • Credit from Vendors – Vendor credit is the largest use of capital from business-to-business and remains the number-one alternative to personal and small business loans. As a startup, you can gain access to short term financing from vendors with minimal requirements.

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  • Personal Business Loan – Securing a traditional business loan can be a time-consuming process an uphill battle, especially for a startup. This is the loan given to the individual, based on his personal credit worthiness.

You may check over here some more more examples of sources of funding for start-ups so that you can determine which is ideal for you according to your needs and circumstances.