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Monthly Archive: January 2019

All You Need To Know About  Weekly Options Trading

I have been trading for some time, being an expert in options trading one of the frequent questions that I often get to ask is how to invest in weekly options trading?

This makes me write this post to have a discussion bordering on various aspects involved in options trading. Many of us are surprised that weekly options exist before until they find out about weekly options trading through an agent or an online advertisement.

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In order to invest & make a profit out of it, one gets to know many things by pursuing a professional options trading courses. Presently there are many online resources that are easily available if you are a beginner and want to learn options trading from A to Z.

In 1973, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE ) introduced a standard call option that is still in existence with the life period of eight days. They are generally known as weekly and the CBOE provides an updated listing on their site regarding the different types of safety offering weekly. They also provide in-depth advice about weekly and your “regular " monthly choices.

Option trading works upon the principle of time decay & naked puts. Because of their short duration and rapid time decay, weekly options trading provides a platform makes money in less period with effective strategies.

If you are expert on how market function you can make great money through investing smartly.

It starts to run on Thursday and they expire eight days later on Friday (with adjustments for holidays).

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Investors who are frequent and invest regularly can enjoy 12 monthly expirations on the third Friday of each month can now enjoy 52 expirations per year.

You can find out more about stock options trading and Weekly trading online and get the most sophisticated Options and Market Content to learn more about market nature.

Since option trading allows its dealers to have only a couple of days to get a stock or index to maneuver from the cash, they will need to pounce and recover capital or profit instantly.

See this page to learn more about options trading.

Why Should You Buy Smartphone Insurance Policy?

In the technological era, digital transformation is revolutionizing every industry. From healthcare to media and entertainment digital transformation is a familiar concept nowadays. Even the insurance industry get a taste of tech bugs. This can only be possible due to hungry newcomers startups saw an opportunity to do insurance smarter.

Mobile phone insurance

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Several insurance companies extended their roots by giving services to various aspects of our life are very important for us. Mobile phones are one of the important aspects that we can’t ignore and companies such as SFAM  do insurance for them as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways insurance providers making life easier for customers and why should you prefer to buy insurance for your smartphone.

  • Insurance covers more than warranties

Warranties will only cover problems such as software or hardware failure but not cover the issue of theft or loss. Unfortunately later is growing problem nowadays and hence it is very important to buy insurance for your smartphone.

Affordable claim

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  • Insurance is Affordable

Depending upon the type of smartphone you have insurance will cost you between $6 to $12 per month i.e. affordable

  • Filing Claim is easy

If something wrong happens to your phone you can easily claim for your smartphone recovery from the insurance agent. Once your insurance agency has this information it will only take 5 minutes to process. After approving your claim a replacement phone will be shipped to you that will cost you nothing.


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  • Replacing cell phone is expensive

The phone you got in replacement will cost you nothing. But if you replace your phone and buy a brand new it will cost you heaven.

If you still have a doubt is cell phone insurance really worth then keep one thing in mind that if you have cell phone insurance you will peace of mind for granted. Hence for your phone ’s safety and your peace of mind try the smartphone insurance policies at once. Go to this site to know why do you need mobile phone insurance and what expected things it will cover so that you choose the correct thing until it’s too late.